Night Fishing UPDATE – 24th November 2023

Current Conditions for Night Fishing.

  • Bookings by text between 9am and 6pm only. No out of hours bookings will be accepted.
  • Bookings no more than 3 days in advance going forward.
  • Sunday starts the week no consecutive bookings ie Friday/Saturday then Sunday/Monday.
  • In an effort to be fair to all members one booking per week per person will continue.
  • 2 nights if required on either of the Sandiway lakes, Worthington lakes, Moore Quarry, Rixton clay pits, Phoenix Park lake, Budworth Mere.
  • Single nights on all other ‘night venues’
  • Members should have confirmation of their booking before travelling
  • Members MUST leave the water by 12 noon following their booking.
The Committee continue to monitor the situation and further changes may be made if conditions dictate.

Welcome to Warrington Anglers Association

Warrington Anglers Association is a friendly fishing club controlling a wide range of fisheries on rivers, canals and stillwaters in the North West of England and beyond. With such a broad portfolio of fisheries, at such an affordable price, we believe we have the best value card in the land! Welcome to our website.

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Members-only Area
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Warrington AA Waters

The club controls 33 miles of canal, more than 60 miles of river fishing and in excess of 160 acres of pool and lake fishing. All of our fisheries are members-only, we do not sell day tickets.

Our river fisheries range from the Severn catchment to the Dee, Dove, Derwent, Trent and Ribble areas. We even have fishing on the River Wye. Our portfolio of stillwater fisheries cater for the pleasure angler and specimen hunter alike, and stretch across Lancashire, Cheshire and beyond. We have some excellent Association-owned still water fisheries, such as Grey Mist Mere, Moore Quarry, Woodshaw Reservoir and Sandiway Lakes.

Warrington AA Google Map. The placemarks on this map locate our stillwater fisheries. To view our canal and river stretches as well, click on the ‘View Larger Map’ link underneath, where all Association fisheries are listed (use the ‘Back’ button on your browser to navigate back to this site).

Club Information – click the link for an article about the history and structure of Warrington Anglers

For further information or general inquiries about Warrington Anglers Association, please e-mail the secretary or telephone: 07384 564140.

Club Notices

Offa’s Dyke Fishery

All members please note that this fishery is no longer on the club’s portfolio, and members are no longer allowed to access the site.

New memberships 2024

New members are invited to join the Association for 2023 on this website, or by post to our Warrington Anglers HQ 52, Parker Street, Warrington WA1 1LT , or any fishing tackle outlets listed.

2024 Bridgewater (Manchester) Memberships

Which cover the Bridgewater Canal from the A580 road bridge Leigh through to Broadheath bridge Altrincham and the Kraft Arm will be available from January 2023 Monton Tackle, Monton M30 0QN 0161 7077715 and Leigh tackle & Bait Leigh WN7 1SL 01942 604125 Edgeley Sports & Fishing SK4 3AT or from WA HW 52, Parker Street, Warrington WA1 1LT.
Annual licence price £25 senior and £5 junior…… at those prices absolutely no excuses for fishing without a current one will be accepted by our bailiffs!


In light of complaints from members about some waters being ‘apparently’ fully booked but when checked by bailiffs some members have neither turned up or cancelled their bookings.

The Committee view this as seriously as they do members fishing without booking on.

Members must be on the water they have booked before 9pm on the night in question From now on until further notice don’t book on unless you are definitely intending to turn up.

If you have to cancel your booking it must be before 4 pm on the day at the latest to allow other members on a reserve list to be offered the place.

Failure to turn up or cancel and comply with these conditions will result in a months suspension of your night fishing.

Just a reminder to all members please note that if you are on any of our private waters whether you are just having a wander around fish spotting or fishing make sure you have your paid up membership card with you. If not you will most certainly be asked to leave by the bailiffs.

It is a members responsibility to produce the card if requested and it’s the bailiffs responsibility to keep the waters private for members. If you can’t produce your card please don’t complain when told to leave the bailiffs are volunteers which the club values. Please don’t make their job more difficult this is their only means of knowing who is or is not a member. If you can’t produce your card please leave when requested to do so.

Night permit holders please be aware that the bailiff teams are stepping up night patrols in order to combat illegal fishing on our waters and possible theft of your fish and fishing rights. Please have your membership card including night permit stamp handy for them to check in order minimise any disturbance to yourself.