Clubmark is the Sport England cross sport quality accreditation for clubs with junior sections, and was introduced in 2002.

National Governing Bodies (NGBs) accredit clubs that comply with minimum operating standards in four areas:

The playing or participation programme:

– Duty of care and child protection
– Sports equity and ethics
– Club management

Clubmark demonstrates to partners, parents and young people that Clubmark accredited clubs are:

Warrington Anglers Association became the first angling club in the country to achieve the Clubmark accreditation from Sport England.

Along with two other clubs (Wakefield AC and  Warlingham & District AS), we were part of a pilot scheme run by the NFA, which  has been given approval from Sport England to become an accreditation agent for the ultimate standard in sport clubs.  We were presented with the awards at the 2006 NFA Conference held on 13th May, 2006.

The NFA’s Angling Development Officer, Julian Taylor believes that “Clubmark is an essential part of any Angling clubs desire to establish itself as a safe and successful club within the community. The clubs which have achieved Clubmark status have done exceptionally well and showed a high degree of dedication to gain their accreditation and deserve the success Clubmark will ultimately bring them.”

Young people represent the future in all sections of society. Clubmark accreditation offers assurances to parents and guardians that their children belong to a safe club. Members will see that their club is well managed, offering good support to and facilities for all its members. By striving to achieve higher standards, Clubmark clubs are likely to attract more members and thus build a sustainable future. Increasingly, local authorities and funding agencies are taking the decision only to support accredited clubs.

At Warrington Anglers we are proud to uphold our strong tradition of looking after our junior members, and the future of our sport.


For more information, visit the official Clubmark website