General Rules

  1. All our still waters and canals are open throughout. The only exception is at ** Worthington Lakes where Adlington is closed from 15th March – 15th June inclusive. (The management committee may close a fishery if deemed necessary). Our river fisheries shall be governed by current Environment Agency close seasons and by-laws.
  2. Membership Fees: Senior £55 plus one-off joining fee for new members of £55, total £110. (Over 65’s no joining fee, proof of age required). Ladies £35, Intermediates (16-18yrs) £35, Juveniles up to age 16years £15, Honorary £15, Non-angling £20 (no joining fee for these categories. Night permit, Junior £25, all others £45.
  3. Current paid up membership cards are valid until the receipt of new card when payment is then due. Cards are normally sent out to members in February. Members not having received their cards by the end of the first week in March should contact the secretary.
  4. No member shall lend or transfer their card or membership to any person on penalty of expulsion.
  5. Every member when fishing Association waters shall produce their membership booklet if required by a bailiff, any member, riparian owner or their representative.
  6. Only members are allowed on our fisheries where there is no public access.
  7. No dogs shall be allowed on the banks of any Association water.
  8. Every member where applicable shall be in possession of a current Environment Agency license. They must show the same to a bailiff on request.
  9. No member of the Association shall be permitted to fish in any Association water from one hour after sunset until one hour before sunrise except where it is permitted under a night permit regulation governing the water. For night bookings members must book on between the hours of 9am and 6pm (details on night permit). Those not booked on although in possession of a night permit shall not be allowed on Association Fisheries outside the permitted times. Members must text the night permit number before 4pm if they are unable to use a booked session in order that it can be made available to fellow anglers. All texts to this number are recorded.
  10. Night fishing is allowed (night permit required) on the following fisheries: Appleton Reservoir (Nights 1), Grey Mist Mere (1), Rixton Claypits (2), Moore Quarry (2), Sankey Canal (1), Phoenix Park Lake (2), Bridgewater Canal Broadheath to Leigh – no fishing in vicinity of houses (1), Budworth Mere (2), The Mount (1), Sandiway Lakes (2), Worthington Lakes (2) ** see rule one, Ribble (1), Wye (1), Trent & Mersey Canal at designated wides (1). Derwent (1), Mersey rear of Grey Mist (1)
  11. The night fishing rules to be observed are:
    • Members must arrive on the water before 9pm and no earlier than 12noon and vacate their peg by 12noon at the end of their session removing their bivvy, equipment etc to allow fellow members the opportunity of fishing there.
    • No lights allowed except for baiting up
    • Junior night permit holders must be accompanied by a parent or guardian who is also a Senior or Lady Member and night permit holder. Due to our compliance with the Angling Trust child protection policy if another person is to accompany the child, parents must complete and sign a form registering that person as their designated ‘angling guardian’ with the Association. It is entirely a parent’s responsibility to vet and ensure that the ‘angling guardian’ is a suitable adult to act in loco parentis.
    • Members must make suitable provision for their own lavatory needs and dispose of the contents at home.

  1. Juniors aged 12 and under MUST ALWAYS be accompanied by a (full) lady or senior adult member whilst fishing our private fisheries and a responsible adult on those waters that have public access. Please note, all juniors must be accompanied by an adult member on Moore Quarry, Rixton Claypits, the River Mersey, Worthington Lakes, The Mount and Foster’s Pools (C & D only)

  2. No tents, fires, disposable barbeques, single use bottles or cans/tins/plastic packaging etc are allowed on any of our fisheries
  3. All bailiffs and season ticket holders have authority to examine all bags and baskets on Association waters.
  4. A member on joining contracts to assist the committee in protecting Association fisheries
  5. No fish other than game fish and trout (with the appropriate licence) and grayling (one brace only between 30 and 38cms.) to be killed or otherwise taken from WAA waters without the express permission of the secretary in writing. Size/catch regulations and National Game/Coarse Bylaws must be observed.
  6. Members will be permitted to fish association waters with two rods and not more than two hooks, Sandiway Lakes (Large 3 rods and Small 2 but 3 from 1st October to 31st March); likewise, Moore Quarry, Budworth Mere & Worthington Lakes 3, however Ackers Pit, High Legh, and Hamptons Pool fishing shall be restricted to the use of one rod, also Cicily Mill Pool but two rods from 1st October to 31st March.
  7. Members must not leave baited or un-baited rods and lines in the water unattended. If there is a need to leave their peg all tackles must first be removed from the water.
  8. That no member shall be allowed to shoot over any water rented or owned by the association, except by written permission of the committee signed by the secretary.
  9. Under no circumstances must trout, game fish, carp, tench of any size, or other species over 2.5lbs be retained by any means without the express permission of the committee or in authorised matches. Members are permitted to photograph specimen fish at the time of capture but they must be returned immediately.
  10. Fish must not be carried in a keep net when moving from one peg to another on any Association water, they must be returned to the water before moving.
  11. Members may only use conventional rod/pole and line methods in any Association fishery for the purposes of catching fish of any description, unless permission of the secretary is first obtained in writing. Fishing from boats is not allowed.
  12. No alcohol, drugs (other than those medically prescribed to that member), solvents, or other like substances are to be taken or consumed on our fisheries. Similarly, persons under the influence of these will be in breach of this rule and will in both instances face expulsion.
  13. No member shall fish nearer to another member than ten yards without permission from the first member fishing, except where a specially constructed/designated double peg is provided.
  14. Fish must not be transferred from any Association water to another or introduced from any water outside the jurisdiction of the Association without permission of the committee. Any member found guilty of contravention of this rule will be expelled.
  15. The use of treble hooks in association waters except for Pike fishing or spinning is not allowed.
  16. Members fishing in any length allocated for matches will be obliged to move if requested to do so on production match permit.
  17. Any member fishing with litter in their immediate vicinity will be held responsible. All litter must be taken home.
  18. Portable radios, or televisions may only be used on Association waters with earphones. Car sound systems/radios are not allowed.
  19. Angling is not allowed on the off-side of the Bridgewater Canal from private property or otherwise except at Stockton Lane, Australia Lane, and the Warrington side of Pickerings Bridge. Fishing is not allowed opposite an Association authorized contest.
  20. Fishing is not allowed beneath or within 30 metres distance either side of overhead electricity power cables.
  21. The use of unhooking mats is compulsory for specimen anglers ie. those fishing for carp, pike, trench, bream and barbel. Each angler must be in possession of their own mat.
  22. If the committee are satisfied after due enquiry that any member has committed any wilful damage, left gates/barriers open, or has acted improperly, disorderly or dishonourably in any manner to the injury or prejudice of the Association, or its members, they may in their absolute discretion suspend such member from the Association, and in the event of expulsion the member shall forfeit all rights and benefits of membership under the rules of the Association.
  23. Any member acting contrary to the rules, or being found guilty of any wrong act not provided for by the rules, may after notice from the secretary be requested to appear before the committee, and shall abide by their decision.
  24. It is a condition of membership that anyone who is expelled from Warrington Anglers Association accepts that they may have their details and those of the offence(s) passed to other angling clubs and Environment Agency.
  25. Bait-boats only allowed on Sandiway Lakes, Worthington and Arley Reservoirs.
  26. Any member banned from the Association or other angling organisation may only apply for membership in writing to the management committee.